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My Top 10 Favourite Hytale Artists

Chris H.

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Jan 6, 2019
Good afternoon Hytale Community!

I hope everyone is still hanging in there in this covid-ridden time while having had a good first week to start out 2021!
For today I thought I'd make my list of personal favourite Hytale fan art artists to have some recognition next to our Discord community spotlight.
I will be leaving links to their Twitter accounts so you can go ahead and give them the followers they deserve.

Just let it be of note that these artists are not listed in a particular order, there are loads of artists and they are all doing great work and these are just my favourites that I've come across.

1.) Ekotan
  • Ekotan I've just recently discovered and I'm absolutely loving the particular style in what they have made, like for example the Kweebec drawing that has been posted in our community spotlight not too long ago. While their collection of art is still in its early stages I am definitely excited to see what Ekotan will create in the future! Here you can see one of their recent works: 1610294223457.png

2.) Sal.lines
  • Next up is Sal.lines, a long time Hytale artist who has worked on art for the Hytale Bot and of course the amazing banner for the r/Hytaleforum subreddit next to countless other art pieces relating to the Hytale universe and I'm loads more to come. What I specifically like is the diversity that Sal brings in their art. From grim and menacing in their "Varyn & the bois" art piece to happy playful in their rendition of the infamous mosshorn. Definitely can't wait to see more of Sal appear in the future. Here is one of my favourites to give you an idea: 1610294285389.png
3.) Walrus Knight
  • Next up is Walrus Knight who is an artist with a smaller audience but I'm sure that that is going to grow if I see their talent and very distinct style of drawing. Their works are of various NPC's in the Hytale universe from Kyros to Orcs to mini boss concepts for particular zones and much more to check out on their Twitter. So definitely be sure to give Walrus Knight's Twitter profile a gander. And I would love to see more art pieces get made by Walrus Knight. Here is one of my personal favourites out of their collection:
4.) Ildeniznal1
  • Next on the list is Ildeniznal1, A Hytale artist with a combination of material and detail that I haven't seen replicated too many times in my days in this wonderful community. They specialize in ballpoint pen art and also pencil sketches of magnificent and detailed nature. Although this type of art is not for everybody to like but I definitely think it deserves a spot on my list! His creations vary from Hytale NPC's to concept art and various other pieces to check out. Here is my personal favourite art piece by them, it is a concept of a Mosshorn deity.
5.) Ryan Court
  • Next up on my list is Ryan Court, a german individual who recreates Hytale buildings and creatures in Minecraft with a high degree of quality and exactitude. His works have a great variety and go from Kweebecs to buildings and prefabs of various zones and I sure can't wait to see what he recreates when more game details have come out. It's definitely a creative idea to draw a line between the similarities and dissimilarities between the two similar but definitely different games. Here is my personal favourite build of him: 1610294328842.png
6.) Xeno_3D
  • Next up on the list is Xeno, Who recreates Halo weapons and objects in a Hytale style in Blockbench. Most notably the Type-1 Energysword and the Reach M6G from Halo. This is definitely a really interesting idea and I hope Xeno will one day branch out to different game franchises and recreate legendary weapons from all over the place because he's definitely got it down with Halo weapons! I definitely hope he someday releases his models for your own use in Hytale because I can't wait to relive my old Xbox days! Here is the energy sword model that Xeno made to give you an idea. 1610295226429.png
7.) PixxelHeartt
  • Next up on this list is PixxelHeartt. Who has been a long time Hytale artist with countless different art pieces that are all of great quality. She has a plethora of ideas that are all really original which is something I always think is important to be a great artist in any genre. Most notably her upcoming animated series playing in an alternate universe in Hytale called DIGITS which I can't wait to see come into fruition! While also doing commissions for sketches, emotes, profile pics and a lot more. Here is a quick example of one of her works but be sure to check out her Twitter to see her awesome creations over at https://twitter.com/HearttPixxel! 1610294392962.png
  • Next up is Pavel or HLABSART. He is a Belarusian Hytale artist who specializes in modelling various avatars and creatures/objects in Blockbench and animations of those creations. Most notably Sindragosa from the warcraft universe which looks absolutely stunning in my opinion and of course various avatars that all look to be done to a very high standard! I simply can't wait what he will create next In a Hytale model *Psst Arthas the Lich King from World of Warcraft Psst* Here is his amazing Sindragosa model mentioned previously: 1610294408408.png
9.) RighteousPebble
  • Next up is RighteousPebble. a long time Hytale artist and previous returning part of our Community spotlight. They are a very flexible artist and have great variety in their creations which are all to a very high degree of finish and creativity, from models to drawings all the way to awesome wallpapers. Definitely watch out for their creations because they are all amazing and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Here is my personal favourite wallpaper that they made:
10.) PinguinAnimations
  • Last on our list is PinguinAnimations. A very skilled Brazilian Hytale animation maker, they were previously mentioned in our community spotlight and has continued to make stellar creations ever since! Can't wait to see what they will make in the future but I am sure it will be great. Here is an action shot of one of their greatest creations in my opinion The Hytale + Dubstep piece 1610294477528.png

That's all for now guys. To be perfectly clear, I know there are loads of other great artists in this wonderful community and sadly we can't have all of them on this list and these are my personal choices which I felt I wanted to share. If you feel that I've missed integral people be sure to let me know in the comments. I hope this community will continue to have all the wonderful artists that there are now and maybe in the future I will do another list giving recognition to more of the artists for now though be sure to check out our discord for the community spotlight!

Now for the links to the wonderful artists mentioned in this post:

1. Ekotan, https://twitter.com/Ekot4n
2. Walrus Knight, https://twitter.com/KnightWalrus
3. Sal.lines, https://twitter.com/lines_sal

4. Ildeniznal1, https://twitter.com/ildeniznal1
5. Ryan Court, https://twitter.com/Ryan_Court1

6. Xeno_3D, https://twitter.com/Xeno_3D
7. PixxelHeartt, https://twitter.com/HearttPixxel
8. HLABSART, https://twitter.com/hlabsart
9. RighteousPebble, https://twitter.com/PebbleRighteous
10. PinguinAnimations, https://twitter.com/LucasCoolSouza
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Community Manager
Feb 12, 2020
There are so many talented artists in the Hytale Community and it's nice to see more of them make the spotlight!

Corey F

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Feb 25, 2019
Great list and amazing artists! I can't wait to see what people create when the game comes out.


Staff member
Jan 4, 2019
I 110% agree with this list! Awesome job by all the artists!
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