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My ideal server


New member
Jan 6, 2019
A "Sword Art Online style server"
A big server with towns in which players are free to do different jobs and not just adventurers , for example manage a farm , collecting stuff to sell in a world economy . (This will need a sort of personation in the mood for the players). In my opinion there would be a sort of incentive for players to be something different , to do jobs and not just slay mobs but onestly I don't know how (maybe a big profit as merchant more than doing doungsons? ). You could give the possibility to improve your "politicial skill" and climb the social classes , becoming the king of one city , a general etc.
And that's would be the set.
In this world there is a big quest and events , that will evolve in months, in which players will fight against hordes of monters , arrived by another dimension (it's 23:30 and I studied "public law" all day sorry for the short imagination). Anyway sometimes players will have to defend their cities in big planned battles , maybe also conquering another cities .
In my opinion in a server like that it's important to control the building , not giving to the players the possibility to build if not in some places because this is one of the most important problems of factions server.
Infact this wuold not be a faction server but it's more like MMORPG server , similar to World of Warcraft but giving the possibility to people to "live in" becoming the real citizens of big cities , owning houses , paying taxes , improving the economy of the city etc.
I hope you like my idea , and sorry for my bad English , my teacher has been fired


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Jan 11, 2019
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