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Requesting MMORPG Server Concept | Looking for staff


Support main
Apr 2, 2019
Hey everyone!

This is a server project that me and some of my friends were initially going to publish on Minecraft, but Hytale seems to be a better platform for our ideas. As you can guess from the title, the server will be MMORPG styled and will take inspiration from other games of the genre. We are planning to initially make the core features ready, so that players can join and play while we are creating the server. This way we will have great source of feedback, and we can create a server with the players themselves.

We are still in process of brainstorming features to the server and working on website, discord, bots and such. Because of that we are looking for staff members. More specifically, we are looking for Developers, Graphic Designers and overall creative minds. Before the creator tools are released, we mostly need ideas and imagination, so those with creative minds are highly valued here.

We do not have any strict requirements, but previous experience playing MMORPG games is favorable . The discord server will feel empty for new users, that is simply because we have not built the server yet, and most content is on staff channels.



Well-known member
Jan 27, 2019
Is that project still active?
Cause I would like to join but the discord link isn't valid anymore :/
Edit: I added you on discord and wrote a application