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[Minecraft & Discord Server Configur] Niroski's cheap service


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Jan 6, 2019
I will setup your permissions and plugins at a reasonable price.
I don't work with modded servers but instead vanilla with plugins.

I did own a server for awhile until I lost my player count by hosting with a different company. I have also been staff on a few servers. I have had experience in creating KitPVP, Creative plots and Survival servers.

Please keep this in mind:
- Prices will change depending on what needs to be done and how much.
- Only work with these gamemodes for Minecraft: Survival, KitPVP & Creative.
- I only work with Minecraft Java servers.
- Servers must be hosted off of well know websites like Shockbyte.
- Once server has been completed to your statisfaction you will have 7 days to re-contact me for bug fixes.
- I don't create my own plugins all plugins are taken from Spigot or Bukkit and are configured to your liking.
- This post can change at any point.

Message on forums or Discord for more details!
Discord name: Nath#4603

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