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Milsim gaming group for hytale


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Mar 3, 2019
Salvete, I am FERRVM AVGVSTVS, Emperor of the neo roman empire of the cyberworld...

One of the Consuls in my discord server suggested that I send a scouting team to check out hytale, and I love what I am seeing. I hope to build sprawling cities of marble, and vast milsim style legions of players marching across faction servers clad in their lorica segmentata armor, and overall a virtual roman civilization. We are a multigame community, and we already have our eyes set on many different games to create an interconnected civilization. Coupled with our discord based military academy we hope to be the face of milsim in hytale. The Roman Empire is dead no more!

Also the IMPERIVM ROMANVM shall indeed create a competitive sports team for minigames: the roman eagles. The roman eagles shall be made the best competitive team in hytale through milsim elements and field officers trained in tactics. We intend to be the first milsim competitive minigames team in hytale!

Basilea Rhomaion

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The glory of Rome shall shine once again!
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