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Meet "Rocky"! We are going to do "things and stuffs" together 😜✔


Jan 4, 2019
Hy everybody!

I am continuing my work on original Hytale content. Content that others are not making so make sure you subscribe to my channel and follow me on Twitter and other platforms that I am on.

Rocky is a familiar dude you may have seen from Hytale's website. am giving him life through my videos and who knows, maybe you will remember my vids when you meet him in-game.

My vids around Hytale are always a continuous process and I am refining my characters and adding to the roster so you will see more interesting characters. You have met with Gaia so far and I will try to make her as lively as Rocky as atm.

Some of my videos are formatted for social medias in mind and not necessarily Youtube and this video is a kind of an announcement video of things to come or a teaser.

It is also nice to see that the people at Hytale are also noticing my content .

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