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Maybe change the chat?


Hytale Corps
Jan 9, 2019
Hey, I know this isn’t a huge or pressing concern, but I’m constantly noticing a bit of an issue with the chat.

Well. Um, nobody’s really chatting.

If anything, it’s mostly just a “Welcome to everyone new” here or there. On a rare occasion, there is a small conversation, maybe a video, but it never serves its purpose.

Now, I know the argument that the game hasn’t come out yet and all, but if anything, that’s going to make it worse. More people are going to be joining more often, just cloging the chat more. I understand we want new members to feel welcome, but maybe they would feel even more welcome if an actual person greets them with an unclogged chat rather than a bot.

I don’t think it’s a bad system right now, but the constant introduction messages are making it so less people are using the chat. Anything you put there is swept up a a matter of minutes, decreasing the chance it will be seen.
There are a few solutions.
You could make a separate box on the home menu that just does the introductions (maybe just change the structure of the main page to add another box.) This would leave the chat clear of the constant spamming.

Another option would be to move it into the introductions tab.

Or maybe just get rid of it altogether, I know that might be sort of harsh, but I’m not so sure if it’s necessary (that could be a last resort if it gets out of hand)
I think that any of these solutions would be better than what we have now.

But, as I said, it’s not a huge deal, so you don’t have to redesign the whole layout just for this.

Pearson Wright

Staff member
Site Admin
Dec 30, 2018
Once the chat becomes more active, introduction messages will go away. We've only re-added them due to the chat becoming relatively inactive as of late.
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