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Giveaway LIMITED TIME! Legend Rank Competition!

Pearson Wright

Staff member
Site Admin
Dec 30, 2018
We are giving away a LIMITED edition LEGEND rank to anyone who refers just 10 people to hytalehub.com within the next 24 hours!

Once you've acquired your 10 referrals, simply PM any Staff member, and your new AWESOME Legend rank will be permanently applied to your account!

Legend Rank Benefits:
>Limited Edition - Custom 'Legend' banner!
>All the perks and benefits of Diamond, Platinum, and Master ranks! (Over 100 unique benefits!)
>Access to the super-secret VIP chat on our website, and VIP channel within our Discord server

To obtain your referral link, click here: https://hytalehub.com/referral-contests/ We are also having a $250 giveaway to whoever refers the greatest number of users between now and January 30th!

To check your current referral count, click here: https://hytalehub.com/account/referrals

NOTE: This is the ONLY opportunity that will ever be granted to acquire this awesome rank!

Final Note: (Your 10 referrals must be acquired between now and 12:00pm EST on January 21st! Any referrals acquired before the time that this message was sent, or after noon on January 21st will not count!)

For immediate assistance, contact a Staff member on our Discord Server by clicking here: https://discord.gg/rC7mb6X
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