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Offering Lamer's Bot Development ♛ Quality at it's peak.♛

May 19, 2019
Hello! Thanks for taking your time visiting this thread.

What do I offer?
I am offering quality discord bots. I have been developing discord bots for about 1.5 years now
and I can help you make your dream into reality.

What am I capable of?
I have made a lot of difficult discord bots in the past and have been successful at making them. A resource which I have posted, ImmenseBot, is arguably one of the most advanced bots on MC-Market.

I have also made bots for languages which I do not know, like French, yet making a great bot for the client.

You can view my portfolio at: Click Here

How does it work?
1. Before I start developing your bot, I will ask you for some information regarding the features of the bot you want, what each feature will do, etc.
2. After I have gathered enough understanding of the bot you want, I will provide you a quote according to the features you want in the bot.
3. Finally, it is up to the client to pay either 50% or 100% upfront before I begin the work. Keep in mind, for bots below the quote of $20, the client has to pay 100% upfront.
4. After I am completed with the bot, the client will be required to pay the remaining 50% (if you choose to pay 50% upfront) and once the payment is received, I will email you a dropbox link by which you can download the bot. If you have paid 100% upfront, I will email you the link as soon as I am completed.

How do I hire you for a commission?
To hire me for a commission, send me a PM onsite with the format:

Discord Bot Commission
Your discord:
Your discord ID:
Private code:

Once you have sent the PM, add me on discord LamerGamerYT#7552 and send me a message with the private code you had PM'd me. (I have messages from members I do not know enabled, so, don't wait for me to accept your request).

Which Language do you develop your bots?
I use Java to develop all my discord bots. The framework I use is JDA with JDA-Utilities as an additional dependency.

How can I host my bot?
I can host your bot at a price of $1 per month. You have to pay in a package of 3 months. You will get full control to the bot, via Pterodactyl panel. Alternatively, there are a lot of other hosts, just Google.

Why is the status closed?
This is either because I cannot access my discord due to exams or some general reason, or I already have pending commissions which I would like to complete before accepting newer ones. If you would like to order from me, just wait for a few days and check the status again, I may just be open

Current Status for commissions: CLOSED