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[Java] Discord Bots - Cheap

Feb 28, 2019
Hello people! I am offering my services as a custom discord bot developer. I don't really have a thread design so this text will have to do. The discord bots should not cost over 15€ unless it is a very big bot. I recommend asking for a quote before deciding though.

Terms and Conditions:
  • You will be 50% front, then I will invite you to a discord so you can test the bot and you can ask for changes. After you are happy with it, you will pay the other 50% and then I will send you the source code and if needed also a jar file.
  • I will not host the bot for you.
  • You cannot ask for new features after the original 50% has been received.
  • Depending on the size of the bug - I might fix bugs after the last 50% payment, however if it is a small bug I might not.

Things I am bad at with bots:
  • Databases
  • Time parsing
  • Sharding (I can do it but it takes me quite long)

Hope to see you soon!

Discord - UnfamousThomas#9462 or forum DMS
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