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Introducing the IMPERIVM ROMANVM modding team


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Mar 3, 2019
We are one of the first organized modding teams in Hyrake, where we take in people who want to learn how to code, make texturepacks, make sounds, make 3d models, etc. are taken in and trained. Here is an example how this group may work: There is a player who is new to minetest who wants to learn how to mod, they are then asked if they want to join this team and learn how, they get given the invite link and brought here and taught how to mod using guides and questions to more experienced modders, once they learn how to mod they become a full modder for the team, the team votes on what mod they want to make next, say they want to make a new armor mod that is more compatable with older subgames, the texturers work on making great art for the mod following the theme of the mod (eg. a western mod would probably have a grittier and sandyer look like the john smith texture pack, and a nyan cat candy mod would look happy, bright, and simple like the lush8 8-bit texturepack), while the textures are being made the 3d modelers would work on making the 3d models and meshes (they would also work on nodeboxes too), if the mod had sound the sound artists would use programs to make good sounds for the mod, and the modders would code the mod itself, everyone would closely work together on github and be organized, everyone would have their job and help work on the same mod to ensure quality and speed, the mod will then be beta tested, then if it passes beta testing and is found to be bug-free the quality testers would test and rate the mod, if the mod passes it will be released on the forums, if it does not pass then the quality testers will share feedback on how to improve the mod, and the team will work on fixing the mod based on the feedback, then they will take it back to the quality testers, if it passes see above, if it does not then the cycle repeats until the mod reaches quality standards.

The link to our all in one discord with this, and many more branches such as the anti cyberbullying group, our gaming clan, and our RP channels: https://discord.gg/FmEWwB4
Aug 18, 2020
Hey, nice idea you have there. I just wanted to call your attention to the discord-link in your post. It is invalid. Maybe you could use a permanent link next time? :) cheers