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Introducing Team Oracle.

Apr 21, 2019
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Introducing Team Oracle.

Want to become a part of a professional Hytale Team?

We are in excessive need of members, so your chance in entering is very high!

We are able to accept players in the categories listed below:

How to get in: Upload a video on YouTube with #TeamOracleHytale in the title, make sure to show off your best editing skills! Make sure to post it on the #self-promotion channel on our discord (Link below).
How to get in: On the #self-promotion channel on our discord (Link below), upload images of your art! We need thumbnail artists, channel art artists, and more!
How to get in: We need lots of players, so you are most likely going to be accepted. Since Hytale is still not released, upload a video on YouTube with #TeamOracleHytale in the title, and show of your Minecraft Skills! Upload videos on Hypixel, or any other server. Show us your best combos and kills, or even building skills! Make sure to post the video on the #self-promotion channel on our discord (Link below)so we can get to it faster!
Content Creators:
How to get it: Do you love doing YouTube? Or streaming on Twitch? For now, keep posting Minecraft content with #TeamOracleHytale in the title. You don’t have to be a pro at the game, just connect to the community in a nice, and welcoming way. Remember, you are representing our team.
How to get in: You must be a trusted Team Oracle member to be able to apply for this role. This role is not available yet.


Q: How do I join?

A: Grind! The leaders of Oracle look at people who are grinding to get into Team Oracle. Do not constantly annoy members about joining. Instead keep grinding and getting better. Make sure to upload to YouTube or Stream on Twitch since this will be how leaders will look at your content.

Q: How do I get noticed?

A: Be good. Whether you are trying to be a streamer, player, editor, or whatever, keep uploading YouTube videos or streaming on twitch. If you are reaching the quality that the other Oracle members do regularly, then you will be noticed. Also creativity is something that Oracle is looking for. Try new things and go beyond what has already been done. Also, use #TeamOracleHytale in your titles, or just post links in the Self Promotion channel.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: There is no age limit. You must be mature though, as you are representing team Oracle. Age is not a determining factor.

Q: What are some tips to help me get in?

A: Have good quality. If you make videos, make sure the video quality and editing is good. If you are a streamer, use facecam and have have good audio. Also, get involved in the community! If you are more active in the community you will be more likely to get noticed. It also shows that you are dedicated to the team and that you will get along with the other members of the team.

Q: Is *Insert Player Name Here* in Oracle?

A: If the person on the Official Team Roster, they are in Oracle.

Other Information:

Follow Oracle:
▶ YouTube: https://youtube.com/teamoraclehytale
▶ Discord: https://www.discord.io/oracle
▶ Hytale: https://www.hytale.com

We are looking forward to having you on the team.

- Team Oracle Leader and Owner