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Theory In light of the Seedy PR's Cyberpunk 2077... Is Hytale legitimate? Closed Beta for content-creators?


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Feb 15, 2021
As I am sure you are all aware, Cyberpunk 2077 didn't just release poorly, it was borderline slandered and destroyed by its community and supporters. The release of the game - in the state it was in - was not the issue. The fact of the matter was that Seedy PR (yes, seedy, like sleezy) blatantly lied to all it came in touch with, to rake in that cool 780 million squids.

What I - and I am certain - all those who follow Hytale wish for... Is what we are told will happen, to in fact come to be. However, despite all your best efforts, a large portion your audience may become sceptical of your intentions and motives.

So I will spare the arduous repeat of reasons why people won't trust you and things you shouldn't do and blah blah, and offer an idea that may ease the mind of those who already follow, and help draw a larger crowd to you in the process. But there is a catch here too. By releasing to the larger, more "spectacle" oriented content creators, you run the risk of them feeling dissatisfied and portraying that to their audience (If you aren't fully ready for Beta). Also, sharing this with a huge group of content creators with a large fan base may in fact draw too much attention, and therefore - if you have internal deadlines you must meet from you sponsors - they may pull deadlines forward and thus straining your management and fore them to make rushed and poorly thought out decisions.

So instead, I suggest you share it to content creators who are truly and deeply involved in the development of your game, and only wish it the best and most fun, and not just the "richest" outcome. Though I am certain that if this is polished and promises are delivered upon, it may even grow larger than MInecraft, it would surely destroy Hytale if it followed in the footsteps of other Seedy PRactices. I urge you to seek out the most dedicated and loyal of fans, that they may play a short time-restricted and pre-seeded demo and allow them to share it with their fan base, thus generating "social-sharing" and spread of the validity of your project.

Though from my perspective I could only guess at the technical hurdles that would need to be thought over and overcome in order for this to pass, I would think that this is a wise and community focused approach, as is your ethos, and would surely benefit Hytales reputation greatly.


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Feb 12, 2020
The Hytale staff have been very aware of their content creators on social media, it would be nice if that was displayed in the game as well.

Interesting view point, (and nice Pathfinder profile)