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Hytale Hub Minecraft Fan Server

Would you play on such a server?

  • I'd definitely play on this server!

  • Hmm... It seems like a good idea, but it needs work.

  • Nah, I'm not interested.

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Staff member
Mar 30, 2020
I do like the idea of a Minecraft server for Hytale fans to use until Hype is released.
I'm thinking it could have game modes such as Creative to build Hytale pixel art with potential limited world edit abilities for trusted users.
I'm also thinking of a roleplay gamemode where players can play as different Hytale characters such as the Kweebec and other characters as they are announced on the official blog.
Another great gamemode would be some sort of kitpvp including kits based off of different Hytale races. Maybe a currency to buy perks and temporary items too?


elephant and sugar cane.we can tame elephant and ride it in savannah or jungle.if we kill it we will get Ivory we can use elephant tusk as decoration or we can use its as adornment
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