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Hytale FAQ

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Wiki Editor
Wiki Editor
Jan 4, 2019
-Isn't this just Minecraft 2?

No! Just think of them as the same genre. It is a completely different game, although there are definitely some similarities between the two.

-Can I play Hytale on my [Insert Console Name Here]?

The Hytale developers are currently focused on the PC edition of the game, but there is definitely a possibility.

-When the heck is Hytale releasing?

There is no confirmed date, but if I had to throw a guess out there, I would say Beta might be available sometime this May.

-Can we reserve names?

Yes! The Hytale developers will give more information about it later.

-How much FPS (Frames Per Second) can I get?

According to Noxy, "Integrated graphics cards should be running the game at least on 30 FPS with default view distance."

-How easy is it to run my own server?

Very easy! You won't need to port forward and you will be able to set up the server yourself.

This thread is a work in progress! Feel free to ask some questions or answer some questions below and I might add them to this FAQ!
Not open for further replies.