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Network News Hytale Fandom: Improving User Experience

Pearson Wright

Well-known member
Dec 30, 2018
Good evening,
Hytale Community

This is just a small little announcement to let you all know that as of today, we have decided to remove all HytaleHub.com banner images from the footer of the individual articles at Hytale.Fandom.com. This change is being made in response to a handful of complaints we received from various users who felt that these images were intrusive and did not belong on these individual articles since they were not relevant enough to the specific content of said articles.

It is my sincerest hope that this change reassures you all of our commitment to producing non-bias, accurate, and informative articles for the Hytale Wiki.

Stay safe, and if you haven't already, feel free to register at Hytale.Fandom.com and perhaps even consider editing or creating an article yourself! Anyone can contribute anything!