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Hytale Combat Concept/Idea

Jul 29, 2019
Hi. I am new to this forum, but I had an idea for the combat system of Hytale and wanted to share it and see if you guys or gals think it could be a good idea. A lot of this is influenced by a few games such as For Honor, Dark Souls, Sekiro, Super Smash Bros, and Brallhalla, which in my mind have some good combat aspects that I think could be very fun and useful to have in Hytale.

In many of the games I mentioned above, there is directional attacking, dodging and blocking which can add so much more into the pvp aspect of the game. Unlike Minecraft, where you just click for a simple basic attack. And it is possible to gain a slight advantage by clicking faster in Minecraft before the 1.9 combat update. After Mojang added the new combat mechanics, it was still a pretty bland pvp system. That's why I believe directional attacks and dodging is important.

In this example, I am going to only use the sword, as it is common and I hope is easy to understand the weapon. But the same concept should be applicable to most weapons. The most basic simple attack is the up or neutral attack. If you simply hit the attack button on sword. The character will do a quick jab/lunge or a downward swipe as seen in the beautiful masterpiece below. But if you are moving sideways or hit the sideways button (a or d in most cases of pc) as you attack. The character will perform a sideways swipe or slash. And the same thing for a downward attack. Depending on the weapon I think certain attacks should easily string into other attacks as in Brallhalla especially. Something like neutral - down - Side attack could be a simple combo on sword. To add way more depth into this pvp system, Hytale could add heavy and or air attacks, but that's for another day.

Hytale combat concept.png

Now, there should also be a dodging system. Kinda like all the attacks above but with dodges. An upward dodge will have the character do a backflip out of dangers way. Same thing for sideward dodges. But certain attacks catch certain dodges. A side attack can catch a side dodge depending on which direction the user dodged in. A thrust or lunge can catch a backflip or something similar to that. This is where you start getting into passiveness. Where players wait for you to attack and then dodge it and punish you while you are recovering from your attack. It can be a viable option but can also be very annoying as your opponent won't approach you until you do. Dragging games on and on making that match no fun.

Hytale Dodge.png

How about a blocking system. Ohhh yeah... Instead of dodging all the attacks the user should be able to at least block some attacks. We have already seen a little of this in the Hytale trailer. Objects like weapons, shields, and whatever else you can think of can help the user block an attack. But similar to the dodges, certain attacks should be able to punish certain blocks. With sword, a neutral block can block a neutral attack but not a side attack. Like in Sekiro and For Honor. I am sure you don't need another amazing drawing to explain this so I won't suffer your eyes any longer with those works of art.

With all of these concepts, it can get pretty complicated. But I think the Hytale developers can make a simple yet sophisticated, easy to learn, yet hard to master combat/pvp system. All these aspects can allow for so many different play styles and tactics. Some people prefer to play more aggressively, and others more passively. It's going to take a lot of experimenting and fine-tuning to get the scale balanced. Super aggressive play should be rewarded up to a point and so should passiveness, but up to a point. You can do Hytale devs.

These are just a few Ideas I thought Hytale could use to make their combat system more intriguing and fun. Please let me know if you guys or gals think that this could be a cool system as it is in a few games I mentioned at the top. I am sure there is so much more you people can come up with. Thank you. btw, I am an artist so if any of you want something done, just let me know. ;)


Very thoughtful.