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Dev Update Hytale Bot | V-1.1.0


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Dec 30, 2018
We're glad to announce to you guys the newest update for the Hytale Bot, V-1.1.0 This update the biggest update we've released as of yet, so there's a lot to learn and loads of new awesome features are added that can turn your Discord server to a brand new level, wait no more! read the patch notes below to find out what is newly added and an in-depth explanation of the features! :cool:

Patch Notes V-1.1.0
30 NEW COMMANDS!! Let's go over each one of them and their uses.

  • name
    Description: Using this new command you can check if any of the names have been taken yet for Hytale over at https://HytaleNames.org. (Note: Name reservation is not out yet so as of now you can only check what names are the most popularly searched on the site, search)

    Command's usage: h!name <name>
    Example: h!name ItzCrimzon

  • vote
    Description: You can vote for our bot every 12 hours and for doing so you will be rewarded with 300 HyCoins and be granted Full Health, Full Energy! (Click me to vote)

    Command's usage: h!vote

  • votes
    Description: View how many votes you have and how many vote points using the command. (Note: A user that has VIP can convert their vote points into HyCoins, 1 vote point = 150 HyCoins; Convert it using the command vipconvert if you've VIP)

    Command's usage: h!votes

  • patch-notes
    Description: Set up a patch note subscription using this command to get all the latest update news about the bot.

    Command's usage: h!patch-notes <create/delete/list>
    Example: h!patch-notes create , h!patch-notes list , h!patch-notes delete
    Aliases: patch, patchnote, patchnotes, patch-note

  • hycoins
    Description: Use this command to view how many HyCoins you have. (TIP, You can use h!daily to get your daily HyCoins)

    Command's usage: h!hycoins

  • daily
    Description: Use the command to get your daily HyCoins.

    Command's usage: h!daily

  • invite
    Description: Use this command to get a link for adding our bot to your server! (Click me to invite the bot to your server)

    Command's usage: h!invite
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