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Hytale Best Servers : Hytale Server List


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Sep 24, 2019

Hytale Best Servers [hytale-best-servers.com] is (another) Hytale server list !

You will probably tell me that Hytale will already have its own server explorer, and you would be absolutely right! The purpose here is not to replace the official list but to propose an alternative.

If you plan to create your Hytale server, Hytale Best Servers lets you create your own page for your server. For free. [Add your server now]

In addition to the classic list of servers that can be filtered by game mode, Hytale Best Servers has an editorial section where articles will feature original Hytale servers, regardless of their size. We think this is the best way to discover servers, because it brings a new wind to the countless Top Servers based on the number of votes (which doesn't mean much) or on a "Pay to be 1st" model.

I hope you'll enjoy the website !

Also, we're looking for content writer to write about the servers on our list. If you are interested, feel free to apply here ! :)
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