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Hytale Arena Shooter.

Mar 10, 2019
If you're unsure what arena shooters are, here's a great video that tells you all the basics.

When Hytale gets released, I plan to make a mod that essentially makes the game an arena shooter.

It will pretty much be a 1 to 1 of Quake 3, with a few adjustments - like no fall damage and some weapon balance changes. And since I think most people who try this mod will be new to arena shooters - and arena shooters are notoriously hard for beginners - I will implement a catchup mechanic by default. How exactly it will work, I'm yet to find out. Depends on what works best.
I know that'll displease the purists, but that's okay.

The item/weapon pickups and respawn points will become designated blocks, so that anyone can make maps for this mod.

I have very minimum experience with modding, so this will be a journey of learning for me. But I'm very passionate about arena shooters, so I hope I won't abandon this project.

That's it for now, can't do much else until the game releases. Cheers.

Update: Been thinking more about this, and I will create a list of things I want to do with this mod:

1: Implement continuous play, with map changing and possibly map voting.
1B: Create an appropriate player/traversable blocks ratio, to ensure that there's not too many players on small maps nor too few on big maps.
2: Implement tools for map makers to have more control over how their maps are played within the mod.
2B: Like invisible instakill blocks for when somebody falls off the intended playable area and invisible blocks that push players in a certain direction to ensure that sneaky players don't hide outside the playable area.
2C: Of course, jump pads and booster pads alongside other arena shooter map features will be implemented.
3: Create more powerups other than the usual Quad Damage and Protection.
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Feb 19, 2019
Souds great! Projects like these are always fun, and there is always interest in games like these :]. Good luck


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Feb 25, 2019
I probably can't help much but if you need any help my discord is UsingCheats#6658
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