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Hymith (and no it isnt a server)


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Jan 11, 2019
Hey guys made a new sort of fan art for hytale. Im saying sort of because its not really art but a story about the begginigs of hytale. I like to call it Hymith. Here goes nothing:
Once upon a Hymith, there was nothing. Then upon an error of code darkness and light were made, the latter of which took the form of Gaia. Gaia made the 5 worlds, each unique, each made of the 5 elements: water, fire, earth, wind and lightning; her elements.
But she forgot about the most powerful of all... void.
Darkness in its fury for not having been created a world swore that for everything he could not create, he would consume and destroy.
So as Gaia created the 5 worlds, darkness created his forces and, the Hallow week, seven days where his minions would be able to travel through the 5 worlds. That week would only happen when the worlds aligned, when his troops were most powerful.
As he had promised the Hallow week came, and the creatures of the void lashed out and took 3 worlds to darkness in their fury for not having been created one. On the fourth day darkness came for Orbis, there Gaia made her last stand with all the creatures of light. As the battle prolonged for days without end, the dark forces came without stopping, while her own were dwindiling by the hour. There she made her sacrifice, on the last day of the week, she lay herself to an endless rest and closed the portals. Once that happend the forces of light, while still being outnumbered rallied to their heros Tessa and Kyros and made one final charge. With their renewed strength they scattered the dark forces. Some stayed in Orbis, others went back to their worlds, but all echoed the same ultimatum "we will be back" they said "we will be back on the next alingment".
"And we," said Kyros "we will be here waiting for your arrival". But upon that day, when they should have been celebrating the grandest victory, all but the humans, the feuran, the kwebeecks and the slothians lost their faith: the grand bear clan, the swift deer clan even the majestic sabertooth clan. forgot that once upon a time they had all been brothers.
Now as the 5 worlds aligne again, the forces of darkness are prepared for battle, while Orbis and its inhabitants are summed in ignorance of the coming threat. Rise once more heros of Orbis! Take to your shield and sword. From lowly peasant to high nobility, rise and save your planet! Because heros, are not born they are made.
Hope you guys liked it! Tell me what you think. And hope i got you a little more hyped.
Also one last thing, id love to see other members of hytale hub create more stories, whether expanded upon my first one or entirely original, its fun and an interesing way to create fán art for those of us that dont know haw to draw it, thats it THANKS!


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Dec 31, 2018
That was actually pretty good!