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Hylo [Survival] [Social] [Non-Pay to win] [Stable Servers]


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Aug 7, 2020
Hey, my name is Adam, age 25, and when Hytale comes out I will be making a server called Hylo. Hylo will be a survival server focused on socialization, and stability. It will have unique features/things to do, and have non-pay to win content.

I ran a minecraft server back in 2013, when the iron was hot. I saw alot of big issues with other minecraft servers, and I want to bring what my MineCraft server did right, to Hylo. With stability, I will insure there is always at the minimum 20 ticks per second. I also saw a trend where owners would rely 100% on donations to keep the server up, which lead to the server going down. I have a fulltime job, so I will be paying out of pocket, with donations meaning that I can take a break from paying the server fees. Last thing is the fact that alot of servers just installed 1 or 2 plugins, and then did nothing new. When Hytale is new, I won't have to worry about adding content, but as people start getting use to hytale, I want to make sure the people playing on the server, have new interesting stuff. I don't know much about hytale, so I don't have a roadmap on what I will add, but I can say right off the bat, I will be making some mini-games people can play with each other.
Until then I set up a minecraft server while we wait for Hytale's launch. The server won't have any donor ranks, just a bunch of fun stuff. This server will remain active after the HyTale server is ready. The IP is: hylo.m-c.xyz
I'd love to see you join the discord, socialize, and get to know you.

If there is too much to read, that's okay. I made a bullet point list of what I plan to do with Hylo:
• Survival
• Focus on socialization
• Stable servers
• Unique features
• Non-Pay to win
• Server fees paid out of pocket / Not relying on donations
• Adult managed
• Has a MineCraft Server
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Nov 7, 2019
best of luck :)