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How to reach max level in WoW TBC Classic?


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Dec 12, 2020
Reaching the top tier in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is half the battle. Once you reach level 70 the load is off your shoulders and you can finally focus on the content of the finished game. But unlike World of Warcraft in retail, upgrading classic content takes a while. It takes a long time to actually reach the terminal stage and prepare for all of the content it has to offer.

For the purposes of this guide, we're going to break the ascension process into three distinct sections: the first half of the journey at level 60, the second half of the journey at level 60, and the last section between level 60 and 70. It is unfair to use the new content of the Lump Burning Crusade together with classic World of Warcraft content as the game's newest addition is an experience in itself. After you've completed the first 60 levels, the last 10 levels of the march to the finish line are completely unique.

Here's how to tackle the World of Warcraft: TBC Classic upgrade, and roughly how long it will take.

The first 48
The first 48 levels of World of Warcraft Classic are so important because they are literally half the experience you will have on your journey through the Classic content. From level 1 to level 60, the first 48 levels correspond to the last 12 levels that you experience before you move on to the outside world.

Don't be fooled if you reach level 30 thinking you have made it halfway through the Dark Gate. In terms of experience, by the time you're halfway through the levels, you will be a third of the way to level 60. But once you reach level 48 and start playing advanced content, the effort between each upgrade increases exponentially. For example, you need just under 45,000 XP to get from level 32 to 33, but to jump from 50 to 51 you need about 120,000 XP - a number that only increases as you level up.

On average, it takes about three to four days of game time to reach level 60, reach level 48, and begin the next step to the highest level.

The fast 50s

While the gain in experience required to traverse the 50s is very high compared to the first half of the trip, once you realize how many quests, dungeons, and other opportunities there are to earn XP, it won't take too long to finally get through the classic content at the end of the game. Areas like Ferwood Forest, Winterspring Valley, and the Western Plaguelands are filled with quests - so many that your quest log will undoubtedly fill up at least once. In addition to the raw XP you get from level 50 quests, the number of monsters it takes to complete quests in certain areas is astronomical. You will passively experience like there is no tomorrow.

Going up from level 50 to level 60 should take about a day or two to complete. If you are playing the game at a casual pace this will realistically take about two to three weeks.

Traversing the outside world

It is recommended that you consider climbing the top tier in World of Warcraft: TBC Classic as a completely separate experience once you have passed the Dark Gates. The 60 to 70 grind can be very strenuous and require twice as much experience as the 1 to 60 grind. While the total experience value from 1 to 60 is just over 3 million, you need about 6.5 million XP to get to the level 60 to 70 to come. In short, prepare for a long journey that can take a long time.

Instead of breaking the final step of the upgrade process into 10 separate stages, try tackling the contents of Burning Crusade by region. You will likely complete almost all of the quests in each area, but if you get past a specific area, be sure to keep moving. For example, if you are level 63 and still questing the Hellfire Peninsula, then you should go to the Zanga Swamp or even the Tyroka Forest. The biggest advice we can give when it comes to upgrading Outland is to take quests in new areas as soon as you see them.

On average, the jump from 60 to 70 can take two to three days of game time - if you don't take a break or leave your character in a bigger city AFK. In total, assuming you spend all of your time with classic World of Warcraft, it will take you around 8 days to reach level 70. Taking into account the AFK time and downtime, it may take 9-10 days to complete the max level. But you can buy wow TBC gold from SSEGold or wow TBC classic boosting service to make it faster.