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Wiki Article How to create a Hytale Server

Pearson Wright

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Dec 30, 2018

How to create a Hytale Server

In this guide, we will simplify and explain how easy it is to create your very own Hytale Server! A Hytale server allows you to connect and play with as many people as you want, and also customize and enhance the gameplay experience of both you and your friends. Whether you’re simply looking to connect and play with a few friends, or become the “Hypixel of Hytale”, the possibilities in this brand new industry shattering game are truly limitless!

How a Hytale Server works

First and foremost, unlike with Minecraft, Hytale was designed to support and encourage the creation of server mods and plugins. Since Hytale’s server versions are distributed in an open-source format, this means that the limits to which you can enhance your Hytale server are virtually nonexistent!

Like with Minecraft, Hytale’s primary scripting language for servers is also Java. So for all your programmers out there coming from the Minecraft community trying out Hytale for the first time, fear not! Hypixel Studios anticipated that the bulk of its fans would be coming over from Minecraft, which was one of the primary reasons they chose to stick to the same programming language that Mojang uses.

Another new and extremely convenient feature that Hytale offers which wasn’t present in Minecraft is “hot-reloading”, which essentially means that whenever you edit a script or a file, it will auto-reload said file without requiring a full blown restart of the entire server.

Lastly, Hytale provides its own resource synchronization system which means that you won’t have to install custom clients or other questionable and frustrating software in order to connect to certain servers. It’s all built directly into the game!

Where can I create a Hytale server?

Thanks to specialized various server hosts within the Hytale Community, creating a Hytale Server is actually extremely easy. No technical knowledge is required whatsoever. The team at Hytale Hosting has completely simplified this process and fully automated the creation of brand new servers created by Hytale players!


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