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Wiki Article How does the Hytale Server Browser work?

Pearson Wright

Well-known member
Dec 30, 2018
Multiplayer is a feature in Hytale which allows for multiple people to connect together in a Single World or Server, playing on a server or a multiplayer world allows Players to build and collaborate with others.


Community servers can be found and joined through the server browser, and official Hytale Server can be found in the "Minigames" tab. Alternatively, an IP address can be used to join a multiplayer world or server directly.

Server browser

The in-game server browser is a built-in tool used for finding and connecting to servers. Players can filter by what type of server they would like to connect to – adventure mode, competitive, minigames, etc. – and directly connect to the server without any further hassle.

External methods

While the in-game server browser is available, there are other methods which players can use to find servers.

  1. Go to a server listing site and locate a server.
    • There are many websites which will list different servers. These sites will rank servers by player votes. The more votes a server has, the more popular it is. This can be used to rule out the less interesting ones and instead focus on finding the servers that are the most fun to play on. This also means the first servers can usually stay on top. #Note the IP address and port or URL (whichever is used) of the selected server.
    • IP addresses are a string of numbers (e.g., and the port is a colon :)) followed by a number, which is usually automatically set. Hytale's default port is currently unknown.
  2. Input the IP address or URL.
    • Start Hytale, click "direct connect", and input either the IP address and port or the server URL.