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Hi! I'm a Cake!


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Apr 2, 2019
Hello world of...people!

Disclaimer: actually been here for over 2 years but never made an intro thread so here we go!!!

My name is Kuchy. I currently attend college at the University of Arkansas. I'm majoring in Biology and minoring in Math (such a wise decision...). I play Tennis, which is my only sport I play. For hobbies, I do Web Design and Web Development, Photography, Traveling, and Gaming (at least try to). I don't own a DSLR Camera at the moment but I have the Canon 80D on my list. My photography camera is my LG G6 which is amazing. I don't care if their skin looks bad, I kinda like it but that's just an opinion.

I don't play minecraft anymore but I still do Web Development for servers.

What I made:
- Zenstore (This is still a theme to be made for tebex but the idea based around something really unique. It is possible but I still need to have a go at it.)
- LegacyCloud (My first project where I used php. The biggest and best site I've ever built, well before I started getting new comissions.)
- Azerith (This project really launched me into the top charts on another forum. I've never done a design and style like this before and really gave this project my all.)
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My Skills:
- JavaScript

Still learning more and more about php but I have a pretty good understanding.

I don't have a website yet but hopefully I'll create one soon, once i understand my how to work effectively with my college schedule.

In terms of photography, I am a landscape/nature photographer. I'm terrible at portraits. I don't know how to potray people's emotions and give them poses or so. I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos but might switch to Exposure 4 because of pricing.
2 of my favorite photos:

The flower picture I took on the campus. Found this beauty right after I left my class building. It was a rainy day. I looked down at my phone and saw these flowers and thought they might look cool cause of the rain. I was right.

The structure pic was taken during my trip in Mexico. It's called chichen itza if anyone didn't know. I went during spring break with my parents. We had a blast.

That's about me! My discord is Kuchy#9131 if anyone was interested in Web Design/Web Development.

The cake has spoken...


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Mar 25, 2019
well hello and welcome, properly d:

those sites look really cool! i wish i could do stuff like that XD

as long as you're active we'll have a great time here!

XLNC Jake Kelton

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Apr 1, 2019
Whaaaao! Wife and I honeymooned in Mexico and visited the Chichen Itza temples. Great shot! Welcome!