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HeyItsRiley's Staff Application | HytaleHub 2019

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Jan 26, 2019
General questions

What is your forum username?

What is your discord username?

How old are you?
I am 15 years old and I know that is under the age requirement but I can assure you that I am mature for my age and would appreciate it if you could give me the benefit of the doubt.

What timezone are you in?
(UTC+ 10:00) Canberra, Australia

How many hours per day would you be available to devote towards Hytale Hub?
I can spend at least 8 hours a day around the forums, I can even be active while studying at school as I can always have the tab opened on my laptop and I would be able to check the site every so often during those hours, especially after school I am also very good at multi-tasking which would increase my activity on this site, the only hours I will not be able to be online are my work hours at McDonald's.

Do you have any previous experience working on similar websites?
As an old server owner of quite a few Minecraft servers, and also an old staff member on multiple Minecraft servers and 2 well-known servers I can safely say
that I have quite a few skills when it comes to moderating forums and communicating with other people. I am known to be very resourceful
and as a server owner, I have quite a few skills with setting up servers and all that type of knowledge which would also help some of the content creators with questions about Hytale servers and so on
I have also been in forum communities such as Spigot and have actively helped out within the forums although I was not a staff member on Spigot.

What are your real life hobbies?
I have quite a few hobbies such as going for walks and also generally been in the outdoors
I also love having long conversations with people and socializing to anyone who may be around
my favorite sport would definitely be swimming
and one of my most valued and enjoyed hobbies by far would definently be Drama,
I have always loved acting and I will definitely pursue acting as my career later on in life
I have also been attending drama classes inside of school for around 4 years and drama classes outside of school for over a year
another one of my hobbies would also be listening to music I listen to music every day and it always puts me in a good mood not sure if listening to music is a hobby but I would say it is and I generally listen to music while studying or doing any form of work and also while relaxing
I also love playing video games and learning new things.

Are you currently employed? If so, where?
I am currently employed at McDonald's and am trained on various things such as Outback and also out front and I would say out front is one of my favorites due to the socializing part
despite my hours at McDonald's, I am still able to be very active in the forum community and my job will not affect any of my hours

Tell us about one of your greatest achievements in life, as well as one of your greatest failures.
I would say one of my greatest achievements definitely me getting a job at Mcdonald's not only was it a big achievement especially the fact I was 14 when I was hired at Mcdonald's but not only was it an achievement for me it also came with lots of positive impacts on my life such as the training and also learning what it is like to work at a fast food restaurant I also made lots of friends throughout that experience

Another one of my greatest achievements would be releasing my own Minecraft server, I was 11 years old when I first started working on a Minecraft server and getting into all the plugin side of stuff my first Minecraft server was never big or successful but during the process of it I learned so much and over the years I got more experienced and was able to create a successful Minecraft servers with over 30-100 players online constantly however over time it died out and I wasn't getting enough donations to keep it running for much longer.

Another achievement would probably be my drama courses because I met so many cool people and experienced so many cool things throughout it
I also did public plays and stuff like that throughout my time in drama classes which helped me overcome some fears I guess and I also have gotten quite a few certificates in drama and have received high grades in school in the drama subject.

My greatest failure probably would have been me in the beginning of high school as I never focused on my grades or school work
which ruined my first 2 years of highschools grades
but in the past year I have learned from my mistakes and have learned to work harder in school and do more research and all of that to ensure my grades are kept up for any future jobs I may go for and also for me to be a more knowledgable person and not only that within the past year not only did I improve my grades but I got very good at multi-tasking and time management meaning I can other things during school work and still keep my grades at an exceptional level


A user is spamming in our discord and you mute him. He then asks his friends to spam you. They do - how do you handle it?
I would also mute their friend in the HytaleHub Discord for spamming however if you meant they spam me over a pm I would simply ignore them or block them
and let them know if their friend is more than welcome to PM me over discord regarding their mute.

Another staff member bans your friend and you disagree with his choice, what are you going to do and why?
Friend or not friend if I believe someone has been wrongfully punished I will most likely contact that staff member about the punishment, and get their side of the story however in no circumstances will I start an argument over that punishment with another staff member. And if I don't feel as that staff member will be resolving the wrongful punishment I will let someone higher up know or get their perspective on it.
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Jan 11, 2019
Thanks for applying to join our staff team!

Unfortunately, After reading over your application to become a staff member on our forums, we have decided to deny your application.

In your case, I've chosen to write multiple comments about your application as I think this application has a few issues.
  • The age requirement is a requirement, as we say in this thread, all requirements must be met by all applicants with no exceptions. The fact that you applied before you could proves to us that you are unable to follow these instructions meaning we can't trust you to take instructions from staff managers about situations.
  • The title of your thread doesn't match the title requirement stated in the thread linked above. This is another basic instruction that must be followed in order to show that you're observant and can perform well in your job as a helper.
  • It appears you haven’t included sufficient detail in your experience section. Please tell us about your experiences and what those experiences have taught you in terms of moderation or leadership. You also must give forum/server names so that we can cross reference your statements to the server you're telling us about.
If you're still interested in making a new application, you may do so when you reach the age requirement which is currently 16 (or our team choose to change the age requirement in the near future so keep an eye on the thread). If you have any questions regarding your application, feel free to private message me.

The Hytale Hub applications team.
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