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Hello, I am me!


Java/C#/(Much more :P) - Developer
Jan 7, 2019
Actually I'm not new to the forum, but since so many do this my pear pressure instincts started screaming so here we go :)
So hey it's me. I've been working with Java since the age of ten, one of the many self thought coders I guess. After that I started expanding to C#, Javascript, Lua and more (I didn't count SQL, MySql, MongoDB, Html, Css and so on cause they I don't consider them coding languages).
When I first got my hands on minecraft it was always my goal to create new content others could enjoy, from minigames to mods and building stuff. So I ended up creating an mmorpg almost alone. I got it down to 80% with mostly just content missing. But than came Hytale and I was like hey let's throw everything over I've done so far and do a network there. So I took the best aspects of the minecraft Mmo combined them with mechanics from elderscrolls, destiny and WoW and am ready to create the best Mmorpg the world has ever seen :p
The good thing this time I'm not doing it alone. I've managed to collect many others to create a new metwork: the end realm network.
Website: www.endrealm.net
There is not much to see so far as we are keeping 99% covered and will be releasing bits of information on our discord (www.endrealm.net/discord).
Gonna end the commercial here ^^

That's all about me. Don't check out my github though. 27 of my projects are private and the ones that are public are mostly one day creations.

Thank you for reading :D


Retired Mod
Jan 11, 2019
Welcome to Hytale Hub!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

(and hot network: already joined the discord :) )