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Guide: Info on RuneScape3 Archaeology Collections with Basics & Collectors


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Nov 25, 2019
Released with Archaeology skill, RS Archaeology collections are collections of artefacts collected by collectors. Here is our guide to help you learn more about Archaeology collections.

What are RS Archaeology collections?

RS Archaeology collections are collections of artefacts which are collected by collectors. Every collection can be completed an unlimited number of times, and completing each collection will reward you with chronotes or sometimes other one-off rewards. In addition, each unique collection has an achievement for completing that collection for the first time.
Archaeology Collectors accept specific artefacts for their collections in exchange for chronotes, relics and other rewards. Collectors will take one of each artefact required for their collection. Once the collection is complete, you may give another of the same artefact to a collector. Completed and damaged artefacts are all untradeable.

List of RS Archaeology collectors

Here is a list of RS Archaeology collectors with their locations:
Art Critic Jacques, on the top floor of the Varrock Museum
Chief Tess, in the spa town of Oo'glog
General Bentnoze, in the Goblin Village
General Wartface, in the Goblin Village
Isaura, in the Black Knights' Base inside the Taverley Dungeon
Lowse, at Armadyl's Tower
Sir Atcha, in the courtyard of the White Knights' Castle in Falador
Soran, in south-west Varrock
Velucia, in Archaeology Campus
Wise Old Man, in Draynor Village

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