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GERALD - Here to Help! [Helper] Application

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Apr 20, 2019

My name is GERALD, and this is a re-upload of my application to be a Helper on HytaleHub.com. The previous post was erased due to an unfortunate error.
  • Which Site or Discord server are you applying to?
    • HytaleHub.com, Helper
  • What is your forum username?
    • GERALD
  • What is your discord username?
    • JUSTIN#2102
  • How old are you?
    • 22 years old
  • What timezone are you in?
    • PST
  • How many hours per day would you be available to devote towards Hytale Hub?
    • I have flexible hours and can be on throughout the day.
  • Do you have any previous experience working as a helper on similar websites, game servers, or Discord servers? (Please include as much detail as possible)
    • I have an extensive history of creative and managerial execution in gaming community forums as well as in my professional career. I have owned, operated, managed, and participated in a wide variety of forums and know what it takes to keep the site engaging and interactive.
  • What are your real life hobbies?
    • I create 3D models, write stories, and play the guitar.
  • Are you currently employed? If so, where?
    • I am currently self-employed as a freelance set and themed entertainment designer.
  • Do you currently work for any other Hytale or Minecraft related projects? (Please specify any and all affiliations in your answer)
    • I currently hold no affiliations but am pursuing opportunities privately.
  • Tell us about one of your greatest achievements in life, as well as one of your greatest failures.
    • One of my greatest achievements is earning a Guinness Gaming World Record for recreating the entire Walt Disney World property in Minecraft with my team. The project featured all the parks, resorts, rides, shows, and events in real working detail---even the cruise ships. I am monumentally proud of the work I did with my Disney family. --- One of my greatest failures is not making it to the finals in Disney's Imaginations competition and getting the internship at Walt Disney Imagineering. The unique and creative story we developed as a small team of three is still one of the best.
Thank you for your consideration,
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