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flexible model parts for Hytale model maker

Oct 17, 2020
I have some experiences with minecraft's modded model maker. One thing that is difficult for us is to make lengthy dragon wings and giant squid tentacles. In my mod, Dragon wing membranes are simply flat planes. Since untextured parts are unrendered, we simply use the texture to shape it into a wing. When on land dragons fold their wings, To make it fold, we make the wing membranes intersect with the body effectively hiding it inside, making an illusion that it's folded. If we make the dragon wing too big and lengthy the wings would overlap outside the body making weird triangles piercing out of it, we are constrained on our design that's why our dragons have very small wings and it looks awkward and weird. Another problem are kraken tentacles, it's unintuitive to make it prehensile, we resort to using 16 small parts that connect to each other like a chain to make it move, it is very complicated and glitchy to pull out. These limitations prevent us from copying the cool dragon and sea monster designs we see in movies.

My solution is flexible model parts. They are useful for dragons and bats or other leather winged creatures. They are attached to 2 parent parts, if the parent parts such as wing fingers for example, close their angles the membrane inside would fold or erase their sides as the angle closes . If the angle of the fingers open as the dragon begins to fly, the hidden wing membrane is revealed. They also bend and contort, how much is customizable, because a powerful leather wing would look like jelly if it's too contorting and bendy.

For tentacles, we simply use 1 lengthy flexible model part instead of 16 normal square parts. That 1 part would have bend points that can be animated to bend. This would save time, energy, and increase intuition in modeling.

If there is confusion please ask, my English is not good enough because I live in India.


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