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EtheriaGaming.com recruiting for a Hytale MMO

Feb 15, 2019
Hey everyone,

Etheria Gaming is currently recruiting experienced individuals to begin work on a Hytale MMO. The people on our team are either professionals in our field of work or have a demonstrated portfolio of work. We are looking for mature and passionate individuals who understand the Agile development cycle and know how to work as a team.

Our mission is to push the boundaries of what Hytale is capable of, and become an example for Hytale developers by creating unique and entertaining content for the community to enjoy!

The details of the MMO are not set in stone. We need to understand what Hytale is capable of before we can lock in design decisions. Our inspirations come from the old-school MMOs of the original World of Warcraft, the original Runescape, and many text-based MUDs that put emphasis on the player being the content. We want very much to create a world for players, but we want the players to create their own story in it.

Once we finish out our roster, we plan on going relatively dark so we can focus on development. We'll put more information out to the public once we get closer to a release. Please visit us at www.etheriagaming.com for more information (and click the Join Us button to apply). Don't forget to join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/bdRYh8V

We are looking for:

Programmers: Specifically those experienced with Java. Previous Minecraft Mod experience a plus.
Artists: 2D/3D with modeling skills. Animation is a plus.
Writers: Looking for those who are experienced in world-building in the fantasy genre.
Content Creators/Promoters: YouTube/Twitch experience, video editing skills.
Musician: Ambient MMO world music, sound effects, etc.
Builders: Anyone experienced in level-design, Minecraft world building, etc.

If you qualify for any of the above, we would love to talk to you. Also note, if you qualify for a position but have a passion for a position you're not necessarily qualified for, we encourage you to apply. We are an open group who encourages feedback between members. If you're an artist that also wants to write, you'll be able to contribute as you want.


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Feb 20, 2019
Good luck!