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Elysium- a collection of ideas combined into something resembling a server

Jun 26, 2019
Elysium is the server idea I’ve been kicking around for a while. So the concept is kind of a mmorpg but built by the players. The idea is for people to band together to create things like kingdoms, factions, governments, etc. I’m not overly experienced with java but I’m able to learn. I want a class system with your generic classes: fighter, rouge, wizard, healer, etc. but also some less common ones: explorer, blacksmith, miner, farmer, etc. the hope is that there’s something for everyone. Each class has a skill tree (hopefully, idk how I would award skill points). Another aspect I want is permadeath-lite basically when you die your character is lost and you make a new one the purpose of this is so death has meaning if you’re a king and you get assassinated you shouldn’t be able to just respawn and immediately go back to being a king. Also maybe a faction system with renown and if this concept works well and I have a consistent and sizable group of players I’ll start introducing events and stuff I’m unsure of how modding will work within servers but if it’s possible then I’m hoping to introduce things like invasions, diseases, new inventions, just whatever. Any thoughts or suggestions?