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Discord Ranks

Want to see this for the HH Discord server?

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New member
Jan 27, 2019
Maybe add a plain 'Member rank' that can be achieved via somehow linking and verifying your account, or have it as an automatic or react-role. I don't want to see 800+ 'guest' ranks just floating around, it's boring. Also if you didn't already know, react-roles are very easy to set up. For applications for staff, maybe do it via a google form so people can't view others staff applications? Or, use Application Bot in Discord, which I find to be very useful. Also, maybe add leveling ranks? Like maybe... HH Member, HH Active, HH Trusted, HH Champion, HH Mythical. Just an idea to spice things up and give people who deserve it more exposure. Sorry for the short and unorganized thread, I'm probably going to start to investigate the forums and Discord a lot to find bugs and unnecessary things. If you have any ideas you want me to write out or consider, just tell me in DMs, most of the time I'll be happy to do so, and will give you credit.



Marketing Manager & App Team
Jan 6, 2019
Hello Okami!

I agree, having a role in the discord for the registered members of the website would be a great idea! I’ll forward this suggestion to the developers.

We’re working on making the application section private so you only see your application and the template.

We currently have mee6 level up roles. Type the command “!levels” in the command channel and click the link that shows up. You’ll be able to see the available role there!
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