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Daily Dose of Hytale Ideas (Day 1)


New member
Jul 4, 2021
In this Forum post i will post daily ideas for Hytale. This will include Towns, Cities, Npcs, Quests, Items, Mobs, Ect. Please give me some feedback on what you think of my ideas and i hope you like it.


Eldonia is a small town and it consists of up to 1000 people. the town constantly gets raided by zombies and skeletons and other undeads. When you enter the town you are greeted by the town mayor.

Town Mayor (Joe):

the town mayor is a older gentleman who looks really rich. The mayor needs the character to go and help protect the town from a giant horde of undead that are coming towards the town, For tools the mayor leads the character towards the armory which consists of weak but useful tools such as bows, slightly dull swords, and weak leather armor.

Quest (Protect Eldonia):

When the mayor leads you outside he instantly shuts the door behind you and you see a horde of undead coming your way (around 15). When you defeat the undead the Mayor comes out and congratulates and thanks you, he then gives you a reward which is you get to keep your armor and tools and he also gives you 100 coins

Thanks for reading this I will see you tomorrow. :hypixel_tongue: