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Requesting Brand New Server Concept and Idea (Need Staff)

Apr 2, 2019
Hey guys, today is the day I start creating my vision of one of the leading hytale servers. I've been creating servers for Minecraft for around four years now and decided it would be a good idea to branch out. The server in its beta state will initially start out as adventure then progress to have more game modes. As stated in the thread title, I'm looking for staff members to be part of the LividLore team. First come first serve but I will not be accepting more than we currently need. I will be funding everything for the lividlore server and community. Everything is freshly happening right now so if you would like to be part of the team, join our newly created discord. https://discord.gg/x8ZR2BK I am hoping to get everything on the discord set up and ready for next week. I know we can do it if we work together. Thank you, anyone joining the staff team or even if you just read along, I'm hoping to see you on lividlore!
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