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Theory Anybody have any idea if there will be some form of skill tree and/or system within Hytale? (Theory/Question/Suggestion?)


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Jun 5, 2019
Mods, if you need to move this poll, feel entirely free to do so, first time posting and I have no idea if this is in the right place. Thanks!
I always loved the whole idea of skill trees, slowly getting smaller buffs which addup overall. They could either have a level based progession system or just something like
an xp bar that fills up from kills, mining resources, or other various activities, OR BOTH!
Do you think there will be skill tree's for things such as combat, which could grant you enhanced swing/cast speed or damage?
The same goes for resource gathering. Perhaps increased speed or resource gathered amount.
It would even work for building, a small skill tree which perhaps lets you get a slightly smaller than average amount out of items you'd normally craft in bulk, say 17 planks instead of 15. That sort of thing would eventually add up.
I'll give a tiny little makeshift tree that I can sloppily put together at 1am right down here.

SE = Self explanatory btw.

Magic Speed (SE)
Magic Damage (SE)
Magic Efficiency (Decreased mana consumption, if there would be such a thing, or increase the amount of charges on a staff, whichever it may be.)
Charge (Option to hold a spell for a more powerful effect at the cost of increased charges or mana usage.)
Melee Speed (SE)
Melee Damage (SE)
Melee Efficiency (Decreased stamina cost, if there would be such a thing, or decrease durability lost on melee weapons, same concept as the Magic Efficiency.)
Block Mobility (Decrease the movement speed penalty of holding a block, if there would even be such a thing.)
Block Efficiency (Decreased stamina cost for blocking, if there would be such a thing, as well as increase the amount of damage blocked if blocking would only cover a portion of the damage recieved in some cases?)
Drain (Heal on hit pretty much)
Shield Bash (Like you're average melee attack, but with dramatically increased knockback.)
Ranged Speed (SE)
Ranged Damage (SE)
Ranged Efficiency (The same sort of thing for Melee and Magic Efficiency.)
Quiver (Increased arrow stacking capacity, or maybe a sidebar inventory area specifically for arrows)
Scavenger (Ability to reclaim a portion of arrows that would otherwise be unrecoverable, due to damage or somethin)

Movement Speed (SE)
Sprinting Efficiency (Less stamina/hunger loss, whichever may be affected.)
Jump Efficiency (Same as sprinting)
Metabolism (Decreased rate of hunger)
Cat Eye's (Ever so slightly better vision in the dark, not so much that torches would become useless, but useful enough to be worth it.)
Shimmer (Valuable resources will have a noticably larger shimmer effect making it harder to miss resources)

[Resources] (Mining will also refer to chopping wood, and generally any other block related task)
Mining Speed (SE)
Mining Efficiency (Very small chance on mining a block to drop an additional block, excluding rarer items that should not be duplicated for balance purposes.)
Mining Range (Just a block or two in addition to your average mining range, would not increase melee combat range.)
Crafting Efficiency (A percentage increase on total items produced while crafting basic items like wood or stone object, only a small thing like 3% - 8%)

Aaaaaaand im running out of ideas. This could all just be completely thrown out the window if they dont include things like stamina, mana, staff charges, weapon durability, or if they dont include a form of skills or skill tree in general. I just thought it'd be cool to share my thoughts on skills.


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Dec 31, 2018
Those are nice ideas dude!
Very interesting (y)


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May 20, 2019
Great ideas, and yes for sure there will be a mod for this kind of thing, just like how minecraft has alike systems.


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Feb 1, 2019
Nice idea :)
Jun 26, 2019
If not then that's one of the first things I'm hoping to work on modding in I definitely want a class/skill system for my server if it's already a part of the base game that'll make my job infinitely easier although I'll most likely build upon it and tailor it to fit my vision