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An amazing application - Helper

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Support main
Apr 2, 2019
  • My forum username is Sinner
  • My Discord username is Sinner(#0002)
  • I'm 19 years old
  • I'm currently in EEST timezone
  • I believe I would be able to devote up to several hours (1-4) to Hytale Hub daily
  • I have previously been a community manager on several platforms, but the largest community was discord server with 2.5k members. I also have experience on managing events from another discord community (200-300 users), which hosted LAN parties in my area.
  • My hobbies are website development and reading & writing. I'm able to translate my hobbies nicely into my projects.
  • Currently I am not employed, although that will change soon. I will gladly explain more on that if it's important (not an easy situation to explain)
  • I currently have a project which was originally planned for Minecraft release, but we moved to Hytale as it's likely better option for our concept. It's a class based MMORPG project, trying to bring classic MMORPG feeling into Hytale with the holy trinity of classes.
  • One of my greatest achievement in life must be that I was able to find a local development job right after school, and got accepted. It might not sound like much, but it's rare from where I come from, especially in my line of work.
  • One of my greatest failure in life is pretty recent, it happened in military training a few months ago and (I don't want to go into detail) it resulted in me being unable to walk correctly, which resulted in me being "kicked out" from military and put me in need of physical therapy. (not sure if you were expecting this kind of stuff)
Not open for further replies.