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Amazon's New World is finally live


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Jul 5, 2021
New World has finally arrived, a wee bit later than originally planned (May 2020 was the first release date). No more delays—you can jump in right now. At least if you're playing on European servers. The rest of the regional servers will start opening up throughout the day.

new world.jpg

I took a look earlier this year, during one of the closed betas, and found myself unimpressed by the MMO parts, but oddly gripped by the survival-crafting grind. Trying to make bullets for my gun nearly drove me to the brink, but the masochist in me maybe had a good time? Or maybe it's as Luke Winkie suggests, that like so many people I'm just really excited about playing the next big MMO.

To help you begin your adventure on the right foot, we've already put together some guides:

First off, here are 'New World Minimum System Requirements and Recommendations' to get you started. Second, you can learn about 'Best New World PvP and PvE Weapons' too.

You can also expect some more guides, videos and cheap New World Coins at NewWorldGolds.com!