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A Hytale server idea


New member
Mar 23, 2020

I am quite new to this forum. I have however been following Hytale ever since the trailer came out.

This is a server idea I have thought about a lot and I think it could be really cool for people more into roleplaying but still a lot of action.

Playable races
All semi-intelligent races would be playable. I mean by this that it wouldn't be possible for you to be an animal like a chicken or so. All actual races like goblins, trorcs etc. would be playable. When you join the server you can choose which race you want to be.

The map
I don't know yet how big Hytale maps can or will be, but I would want this map to be absolutely massive.

The concept
On this server admin/server involvement would be close to none. I would say the only the Hytale ToS should be followed. As there will probably be some sort of report function this would mean there would be not too much toxic behaviour.
Along with the existing Hytale quests there would be some kind of godlike weapons (of course with an accompanying lore) and/or items with great power. Think of for example of the cloak of invisibility in Harry Potter. Finding these items would be extremely hard, and immediately grant the person wielding them a lot of respect and power. As you can play as any race people would band together in groups, that are either mix raced or not, and fight each other over domination. As the server ages people would build castles and buildings and other stuff, and you could fight each other over it. This way the server will have an immense history after a while, with wars being fought, alliances being made, entire civilisations rising and falling, and then off course after some time the god weapons coming into play. Wielding or stealing those would be legendary. People would thrive to become king and so forth.

What do you guys think of this? I would not be making this server myself but I would love to play on something like this as this would give a lot of freedom to the players to do whatever they want. Like if you are at war with anyone you could just choose to break their village to the last stone, or to take it for yourself. This concept of a kind of anarchy server with different groups striving for power would be amazing


Darth Jay
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Jan 8, 2019
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Dec 31, 2018
Sounds like a good idea! Also, welcome to the forums
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