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(5$) ↢ zHub ↣ ↺ Quality Minecraft Hub Core ↻ [HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE] [1.7-1.12.2 SUPPORT]

Cole E

-= Developer =-
Staff member
Jan 10, 2019

zHub - The hub plugin you need!

Developed by The Alpha Development Team
Developed by Cole Edwards (@Cole E) and FigT

These features are all configurable and can be turned on or off.
  • Anti Block Break
  • Anti Block Place
  • Chat Format
  • Anti Chat
  • Anti Damage
  • Anti Drag
  • Anti Drop
  • Anti Hunger
  • Join Message Toggleable
  • Join Message Sent on join
  • Spawn system
  • Hub Speed
  • Sound sent on join
  • Anti Pickup
  • Anti Quit
  • Anti Trample
  • Anti Weather
  • EnderButt
  • Double Jump
  • Navigator
  • Server Status in Navigator
  • Server Count in Navigator
  • Fully customisable tablist
  • Customisable Nametags
  • EzQueue Support
  • Quartz Support
  • Portal Support
  • Nucleus Support
  • Zoot Support
  • Vault Support
  • Core Support
  • 1.7-1.12.2 Support
  • Friendly Developers
  • Frequent Updates

  • ProtocolLib (If on a 1.8+ spigot)
  • Vault, Zoot or Nucleus

You can test and follow the development of all of the Alpha Development Team's plugins by joining the server 'alphadev.pw’

JAR - $5.00
SRC (Without Updates) - $8.50
SRC (With Updates) - $10.00

To purchase please join the Alpha Development Discord and create a ticket.

Alpha Development Discord Server


Terms of Service:
1) You may not redistribute the plugin
2) You may not sell the plugin to anyone.
3) I have the right to terminate your license key
4) You may not decompile the plugin if your purchase the JAR
5) You can pay with PayPal F&F or PayPal G&S
6) You cannot chargeback after sending the money
7) There is a no refund policy
8) I can change this terms of service without notice

Thank you, have an amazing day!