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10 Hytale Discords you might want to join.

Chris H.

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Jan 6, 2019
Good evening Hytale community!

I hope everyone has had a great week and you all are staying safe and keep feeling well.
For today I thought I'd make a list to introduce you to some of the most prevalent Hytale discords that exist in this beautiful community.

Do keep in mind that not all servers in the Hytale community are listed in this list as that would make things impossible and that the ones that are listed are listed in no particular order.

1. The r/Hytaleinfo subreddit Discord.
  • This is the discord related to the biggest Hytale-themed subreddit. Here you can find a variety of things ranging from artwork to fan contests all the way to fan speculation about Hytale. If you are in the subreddit already definitely check this one out if you are active on Discord. I'm excited to see what the future brings for r/HytaleInfo. You can find them at https://discord.com/invite/WSjqdz3
2. The F1 Gaming Discord
  • Next up on the list is the F1 Gaming or "Frame 1 Gaming" discord. It is made for the upcoming Hytale server of the same name. They seek to make a unique Faction experience on their Hytale server with cash payouts for the top faction on their server. So if you like faction how it is but you want something "different" be sure to keep a watchful eye on Frame 1 Gaming. You can find them at https://discord.com/invite/xkvEAQ3Zh8
3. The Hytale Wiki Discord
  • On the third spot of this list is the Hytale Wiki Discord. The official server for the Hytale Wiki, here you can find everything related to the Hytale Wiki. From suggesting new pages to questions about existing pages to general game discussions and everything else in-between. You can find them at https://discord.com/invite/SnvqsjP
4. The Hytale ESP Discord
  • On number 4 is the Hytale ESP discord. This seems to be the place to be for Spanish speaking Hytale fans! They have loads of events and tournaments already and I'm sure that will only increase when Hytale gets closer. You can check them out at https://discord.com/invite/VNZByrnRPN
5. The HytaleHub Discord
  • I could never make a post on HytaleHub without listing the discord related to it. Being one of the main places to be in the Hytale space the content varies from contests to showing the latest Hytale news to general Hytale discussion and all in between that! Definitely check the discord out if you like these forums. I reckon this discord server will become a hive of activity when the game release draws near and for long after that! You can find them at https://discord.com/invite/JErtF7H
6. The r/HytaleForum subreddit Discord
  • Of course, we can't make a list including r/HytaleInfo without including r/HytaleForum the second biggest Hytale-themed subreddit. In here you can find all matter of discussions and speculations about the game we all want to see flourish, Hytale. You can also always ask one of the staff if you have any troubles on the subreddit. You can find them here https://discord.com/invite/DJryvMn.
7. The HYTALE Discord
  • Next up on the list is the HYTALE Discord, another great source for all your Hytale needs. This server offers contests, Hytale discussions, Art spotlights, And much more! Check it out for yourself by joining the server. Keep your eye on this one because I think it'll explode as soon as the game nears completion. Join here at https://discord.gg/tVQ97Nq
8. The HytaleBot Discord
  • On the 8th spot on this list is the HytaleBot discord. Here you can find all details for one of the biggest and prevalent Hytale Discord bots. Here you can also get answers to all your queries regarding the discord bot. If you want an all-encompassing Hytale themed Discord bot look no further! Find out more at https://discord.gg/pgd9KNnq
9. The Hytale Names Discord
  • On the 9th spot, we've got the Hytale Names Discord. Where you can check if the name you want has been searched for already! We don't know when Hytale will be releasing but one thing is for certain you can check what name you want right now! Join them here at https://discord.com/invite/SWxvrRs
10. The HytaleHosting Discord
  • And finally, we've got HytaleHosting, which I know isn't too overly relevant at this point in time because the game isn't out yet. I did want to mention it for the utility I think it will provide once the game is out. In this discord you can get all your questions about HytaleHosting sorted before the game comes out and when the game comes out get all the information you need to get started on your very own Hytale server if that's in your plans!

That, for now, will conclude my list I hope I made you aware of discord servers you didn't yet know about! And to reiterate there are countless discord servers floating around in our community already and that number will only grow. For now, this is my list of personal finds and I will probably make another list as the release comes closer.


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Community Manager
Feb 12, 2020
Thanks for the list! I have never been very good at finding discords and even though all of the HytaleHub network is linked, it still took me a year to get in all the discords!


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Oct 19, 2020
Thank you!


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Jan 12, 2021
poor thing discord is blocked for me.