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«☁️» Skynode «☁️» | ⭐️ Unique Advertising Opportunity ⭐️


Staff member
Jan 4, 2019

"Hosting, the right way, for everyone"

We are currently working on showing advertising on our free servers to give us more options and to expand our free service. We are going to offer 3 advertising spaces.

Position 1:
This position is on our second most viewed page on our entire domain ( first is the homepage of course ). It's a key position to promote your service or website. This page receives around 25000 views per month. It's the page where you can claim your free server but due to high demand we are often out of stock so people regularly go to that page to see if there is a free server available.

$3.50 /day
$20 /week
$75 / month

Position 2:
Our second position is right under the console. This is also a really nice place to show your banner. Receiving about the same views our first position, around 25000 views per month respectively.

$3.50 /day
$20 /week
$75 / month

Position 3:
Our third and last available position is on the suspension page. Our free servers have to be activated every 12 hours, if it is not activated in that time it will get suspended. This page received a little less views as the others but is still a great position to show your ad. This page received around 5000 views per month respectively.

$10 /week
$30 / month

NOTE: These ad positions are not yet available. They will be really soon so you can already reserve your spot!

1. Send a PM on the forums
2. Add me on discord: Jesse#9999