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SuperJukebox | Your MC Music player

SuperJukebox | Your MC Music player 1.1.1

SuperJukebox (under development)

WARNING: This is a unofficial alpha of the SuperJukebox repository. Expect some features to not be competed yet (Go to the bottom of the page)

SuperJukebox is a Bukkit/Spigot plugin (Minecraft) which allows you to play custom musics from jukeboxes.
We all love music, right?

Works with Bukkit/Spigot 1.8.X, 1.9.X, 1.10.X, 1.11.X and 1.12.X!

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  • Play any kind of music for all players
  • Jukeboxes fully configurable with GUIs!
  • Can display particles/holograms
  • Permissions for each jukebox!
  • Configure jukebox's sound distance!
  • Support for 1.12+ sounds!
  • Console commands support
  • Full titles, messages, GUI texts customization
  • Very fun for all type of servers!
  • No dependency needed!

Dutch Video:

How to create a SuperJukebox:

Method 1:

  1. Make sure you have the permission: SuperJukebox.place
  2. Get a jukebox from your inventory, press shift then place jukebox
  3. If it worked you can now right click the Jukebox and a GUI just popped up!
Method 2:
  1. Place a jukebox on the ground
  2. Look at the jukebox
  3. Do /sj create (Permission: superjukebox.create)
How to add songs with a URL:
  • Make sure it's linking to a .nbs file (NoteBlock Studio)
  • /sj music import/i URL

How to add songs that are on the server
  1. Get a .nbs file (NoteBlock Studio) from a friend or a random website with songs you like.
  2. Download the .nbs songs
  3. Go on your server's FTP and make a folder called musics
  4. Move/Upload the files you want into that folder (With NO spaces (Like File_Name_With_Underscores.nbs) or you can't import it
  5. Get on your server and do /sj music import/i File_Name_With_Underscores

I have heard from the original developer and I asked if I can share the plugin like this.
This was his response:

When there is a official plugin uploaded by him, this one will go offline and changed to his profile!

All credit go's to the original owner of the plugin (Utarwyn) and all the changes made in the Source code will be pull requested to the original source code!
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