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HytaleOne Xenforo Theme (Part One of the new HytaleOne Website Set) 1.0

My birthday is this week. In celebration I've reduced the price from $20 to $15! Enjoy!

Minecraft One 2.0's Stunning Xenforo theme is designed for minecraft server owners!

With features like player count and click to copy server IPs, your players can enjoy the best experience they've ever had on any website ever! Sleek dark layout with a light counterpart in the works, this theme will make you look professional!

Real Time player count
- Click to copy ip address
- Free Quick Support
- Free/Cheap modifications
- Easy to modify
- Frequent updates planned
- Discounts on future MinecraftOne 2.0 Series resources!

https://imgur.com/a/Uaa4Zoa View attachment 270289

Proof of OwnerShip
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Planned Updates
- Light Theme
- More Customization Options
- Logo Animation

MinecraftOne 2.0 Series - The ONE place for all your Web Needs!
- Xenforo Theme (You are here)
- Portal Page (Coming Soon)
- Tebex Theme (Coming Soon)
- Crafting Store Theme (Coming Soon)
- Litebans Theme (coming soon)
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