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HytaleGuildName Template

HytaleGuildName Template

Hey guild leaders/owners want something as your banner, tell me your wanted design for your banner and I will design accordingly to your requests. Sent me a text in the Hytale discord if interested (@me) : Willllliam010 #1187
I make all these on Mobile(IOS)

Takes about 25mins to design

Price: Definitely Free

<Costumer Examples>

B01F89C5-0ACA-495D-A1EA-7B041A46847B.jpeg 0E51A475-D493-4DBF-AA9F-80BEEAE5B2AB.jpeg
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Hello!! I'm new here in the community .... I know that many publications are old, but I would like to know if the banner proposal is still up !! I am a member of a Hytale Brazilian community in the discord, and we had a Guild project to encourage different audiences to the community ... The banners would be very useful as an identity ....

Also, thanks for your attention <3
belllo bello bello
Nice I love hytale
For the time involved to make this work of art I can not leave 5 stars, the logo was immediately consigned and aesthetically represents all the ideas that I had put in mind for william, I recommend this guy as a worker always puts the best of self.
He made a free logo for me. Thank you!
He is a nice guy to talk with :)