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Hytale Login Page | Mobile Support | High Quality

Hytale Login Page | Mobile Support | High Quality 1.1

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This is a Hytale themed login page that works both on desktop and scales well to mobile.
Currently the website doesn't have the actual login functionality, you can use it to integrate your own. That said I plan to add login/register functionality shortly.​

You can see the website in action without downloading it here

Give me feedback so I can improve the design for everyone.

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Latest updates

  1. Functionality to the site

    I finally added actual login/register and logout functionality to the site with the power of...
  2. Added register page

    I added a registration form to the site in preparation for the actual functionality. You can see...
  3. Bug fixes

    Some elements were on wrong positions on mobile version. Fixed this for now, will be adding...
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