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Hytale 3D Ores & More! V1.2

This texture pack changes the models of ores to match what Hytale ores would look like while still keeping it vanilla. This pack is 16x16 unless you have a other texture pack that changes the "ore block" to a different color or resolution. For example if your stone texture is blue and 128x128 res then it will blend in with the ores.

Now With 1.12.2 and 1.13.2 Game Version

Models are made by Legopitstop using Mrcrayfish's Model Creator
More Textures/models coming soon!

↓Suggest what other textures/models I could add (make sure to add a screenshot or url).↓

How To Install

Reference Image
Screenshot (19).png

Lapis Ore
Screenshot (20).png

Iron Ore
Screenshot (21).png

Gold Ore
Screenshot (22).png

Diamond Ore
Screenshot (23).png

Coal ore
Screenshot (24).png

All Ores/items
Screenshot (25).png
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Latest updates

  1. Updated and new texture

    Added Minecraft verision 1.14+ which has a new iron ore texture.

Latest reviews

Really good idea, just ask to hytale the textures and this is perfect x)
Excellent "texture pack" !
Amazing job on this! :)