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Recent content by Harvey

  1. Harvey

    [Python] Ideas

    Slot machine would be cool.
  2. Harvey

    I am the unofficial official Hytale Bank

    Sup, like the name!
  3. Harvey


    Welcome, hope you enjoy your time!
  4. Harvey

    [FREE] [TUTORIAL] Learn how to protect your plugins against leaking.

    Awesome guide, good information also. Very useful for people with knowledge in developing and for people that are new to it.
  5. Harvey

    Sicko Mode or Mo Bamba

    Mo Bamba
  6. Harvey

    [Plugin/Free] Reputation Plugin

    Good effort put in there, we need more people like you in the community.
  7. Harvey

    Say "Hytale" 10,000 times!

    hytale 190
  8. Harvey

    Name length fix

    Then again it's not a Minecraft server so it shouldn't have to be 16 letters. I see where you are coming from though.
  9. Harvey

    Server costs

    Server hosting is never going to be free, that would just be dumb durr. They have to pay for all of the costs like electric, hardware and more and they have to make a profit or it would be pointless of running the business.
  10. Harvey

    Harvey's Hamburgers > McDonald's No questions asked.

    Harvey's Hamburgers > McDonald's No questions asked.
  11. Harvey

    Contest 🏆Hytale Concept Art Contest #1 | February 2019 (ENDED)

    Might enter, but I suck at art.
  12. Harvey

    Name length fix

    I mean it could be limited, but it doesn't really matter about name lengths because they are not linked to Minecraft or Hytale.
  13. Harvey

    Name length fix

    I was browsing the forums like normal, upon doing so I ran upon a user that had a name that didn't fit in the box so it continued on another line. Shown below: I came up with a couple ideas to fix this, as it just looks horrible and sloppy: Changing the size of the text due to the amount of...
  14. Harvey

    Ay up.

    Ay up.
  15. Harvey

    Do you think Hytale will end up with the Minecraft legacy?

    Microsoft don't really care about the OG Minecraft community. Yet Hypixel does so I think it will be close as Hypixel is decent at listening to suggestions.