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The Hylak

An RPG-Heavy Hytale Guild with Emphasis on Raids.
The Hylak

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An RPG-Heavy Hytale Guild with Emphasis on Raids.
Welcome to

Ever since Hytale was announced I wanted to make a
Guild that brings People together.

I wanted the Guild to have an Emphasis on Roleplay
and Raids. The Hylak is said Guild.

What do we do?
I'm glad you asked. The Hylak are Desert Raiders
that plan Raids on large, rich Guilds and distributes
the Riches that are gathered to smaller Groups.
Think of us as the Robin Hood of Hytale.
Apart from that, we plan Boss Raids and other

ingame Events.

Where can we be found?
Hopefully nowhere. We operate silently
The best chance you'll have of finding us, is through an
Invitation from us.
You can Join the Discord Server regardless, but not everyone will get
Access to our hideouts.

Sounds pretty private
If you're serious about joining The Hylak,
then we need to be able to trust you.
The Discord Server has two achievable Roles.
Raider and Trusted Raider.
By Participating in chat and contributing to the Guild, you can earn
the Trusted Raider role and officially get accepted into our Ranks.

we want this community to be special.
So I hope you'll join us.

-Bagel, Leader of the Hylak.
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